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Capturing one of a kind moments in life is my entire reason for SportPix.ca. I endeavor to take photos that bring back the emotions of the moment when they are reviewed years later. I will come out to any event in HRM to photograph one player or the entire team.

$50 - Focus on one player for one game / practice - ($43.78 + hst)
$150 - Photoshoot of entire team for one game / practice - ($130.43 + hst)
I am also available for tournaments and all day event. Contact me for pricing.

Low cost photo of your event at HalifaxSportsPhotos.ca

Contact me by text or email and if you have any questions. If you know the date of the game you can make a Photo shoot Booking Request now
The Fine Print

One Player- I will guarantee a minimum of twenty (20) photos of the player, but my target is always at least fifty (50) photos. There is no maximum number that I might take. If the athlete gets a lot of play time there can be quite a few.

Team Photos - I will do my very best to get at least one photo of every person on the team. Unfortunately some athletes are shy, or stuck way out in the outfield making photos tough. The team photo package usually comes out with at least 150 individual photos.

Plus Entry - You will be responsible to cover any fees to access the event. Some sporting events charge an admission to either gain access to the event, or to be covered by the event's insurance.

Permission to Take Photographs ;- It is my responsibility to get permission to take the photos. In the rare cases when I cannot get permission, all monies pre-paid, will be refunded within 24 hours.

Ownership - You will retain ownership of all photos. I will keep one copy for use on social media as examples for my work. I never resell photos, nor publish a player's photo without consent.

Liability - There is always a chance of being hit by a puck, ball, javelin etc, while photographing sports. I am fully aware of the inherent dangers, and assume all risk of equipment damage and/or personal injury.

Business Number: 744020405NS0001

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